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DH5JG operating from Menorca Isl.

About myself:

In the late 70's I got interested in shortwave listening. I collected QSLs cards from shortwave radio stations. Due to my limited equipment I was not able to listen to amateur radio. The radio I was using could not receive SSB or CW, i.e. it did not have a BFO.
Somehow I got into contact with a local ham (DJ2MR) whom I visited frequently to have a look at his radio station and watch him operating.
In 1983 I received my first license (VHF/UHF-only) with the callsign of DG1EAE. When I upgraded my license to HF in June 1990, I got interested in DXing. After a few years of inactivity, I restarted ham radio in May 1998.

I also hold a FCC Extra Class License with the callsign KC8RNL since May 2001.

My station:

My favorite operation mode is CW but I also do some SSB and also tried PSK31 and RTTY a few times.

Here's some information about my station equipment:
Transceivers HF: Kenwood TS-570, IC-706 MKII
Antenna: Optibeam OB 9-5; 66ft inverted L (30, 40, 80m) with CG-3000 tuner
CW-Key: Bencher BY-1

QTH: Muelheim, Germany
Locator: JO31KK
DOK: L 15
10-X: 72684

I also like to operate on HF during my holidays. Up to now I have operated from

Here you'll find my shack cam (active only during operation hours) which updates every two minutes.

You can find my online logs for these operations and also for QSOs from my home QTH.
QSLs are OK via bureau or direct (1 IRC or 1 US$ Europe/2 US$ overseas) to

Frank Valdor
Brandsheide 18
D-45479 Muelheim
E-Mail: frank (at) dh5jg.com

Since I carry a APRS tracker in my car, you can see  my current position.